Kare Eskola

pukumiesKare Eskola (born 1977) is a freelance music journalist who works mainly for Finnish Broadcasting Company YLE. His own radio show Välilevyjä has been broadcast weekly since 2007. Eskola writes and speaks about music and culture also in other media. Lately he has been writing a TV series ”Classical Finland” for YLE Teema.

Eskola has studied musicology, literature and journalism.


Kare Eskola is passionate MTB racer, lifestyle cyclist, cyclocross enthusiast, commuter, fixie hipster, you name it. Since 2012 he has raced for Korson Kaiku club and Hi5Bikes.fi team.

Some results: 4. (Finnish MTB marathon cup, elite men 2014), 3. (Tahko MTB 180 km 2013), 7. (CX Finnish championships, elite men 2015).

Eskola owns one bike more than Emilia Lajunen, but inside their apartment he keeps one bike less.


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