(Trailer) sharing economy

You can’t fit two violins and one nyckelharpa into bike panniers, that’s clear. So we need a trailer for the tour. We don’t own one, because there is not very much use for a bicycle trailer in normal life. We just don’t haul that much groceries.

For a short moment we considered buying, but that would have been ridiculous. We don’t like to own things we don’t use. So we asked our cycling friends if they have trailers for rent. Answer: Of course they have, many, and of course they rent them with pleasure.

It is not coincidence, that the biggest newspaper in Finland, Helsingin Sanomat, had an article today about sharing economy. It is a mega trend of 2010’s.

We like sharing economy. It makes living easier, cheaper and more ecological. I don’t know if the so called real economy likes it, but who cares. In our lives, sharing is highly profitable, and we don’t mean money.


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