Top 5 unpleasant things on our bike tour

  1. Roadkills. We see all of them, and there are many. Kare even had to finish a grouse that was hit by a car and dying.
  2. Rubbish. We see all of it and we just don’t understand why people in cars throw empty beer cans and such to nature.
  3. ABC. The ubiquitous cafe – restaurant – shop – gas station chain. They look and feel and taste always the same, and it gets on our nerves. Their coffee is drinkable only with cream and sugar.
  4. The fact that we are riding on roads and not paths. We have tweaked our riding position to be perfect, but it still is always the same. Mountain biking is more dynamic and less taxing.

Those were all we could figure out so far, so this is only top 4, sorry.

Haapavesi Folk was great and our concert was ok. Today we only rode 115 km on easy roads. We are near Vieremä in Gasthouse Puomila. It is a former old-age home and looks like it. In a good way. And the food is good and we feel young. 



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