Full art, half cycling

About half of yesterday was included in the tour, because we took an old ship to Porvoo and only rode our bikes back. But what we made in Porvoo was full art, one could say.

We united with dancer Panu Varstala and his Trash Heroes project. Its basic idea is simple:

1. we cruise around the city with our bicycles
2. we clean up areas one by one, to make them better for dancing
3. we dance
4. we move on to our next destination

Sounds pretty much like saving the world.

Mila from Tauko Design also joined us. She is also saving the world – by designing awesome clothes from recycled textiles. Mila was hauling her pop-up shop in a bike trailer

In the ship we played two sets just for fun (and for the food). Sun, sea, smiles – the world was really hugging us.

In Porvoo we played (and cleaned up and danced) four sets on the streets, and Mila was promoting her designs.

The whole concept may sound a little hippie and high-brow, but actually it felt the most natural thing to do on a summer day in Porvoo.

It was great to ride home in the cool August night. The summer is nearing its end, but that is very ok with us.

Today it’s back to basics. We ride to Mäntsälä, play in a local small festival and ride back.


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