Places to stay

The accommodation on this tour has blown our minds. When you go by car, you end up in stupid hotels that all look the same. When you go by bike, somehow you end up in every kind of strange, beautiful places.

So far we have stayed overnight, for example, in:

  • former nursing home
  • former school, that was renovated for hunting dog association’s happenings
  • splendid villa in Turku archipelago
  • open wilderness hut
  • small bar’s basement
  • old farm in the middle of turf production bogs
  • numerous private homes

All of them have been great, and made us feel welcome. All of them have been experiences that we remember. A tourist with his lonely planet guide will never find anything like them.

The next few nights we stay in an ancient farm by Kokemäenjoki river. The ”new” main building was built in 1912. It feels like we are visiting a very old and quite rich relative. But we have all the rooms, apple trees and buildings for ourselves.






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