It is different

Yesterday was the first proper riding day of the tour – 140 kilometers and two gigs. Kare hauled the trailer that was loaded with two violins and one nyckelharpa. Emilia had panniers. From Helsinki to Lohja the wind was blowing hard against us. Luckily (NOT!) it eased up when we rode back.
We noticed a few things.

Before the gig riding helps with the nerves – stress and biking don’t get along.

After the gig riding helps to get rid of excess energy. Some musicians go to bar, but riding home is more effective and healthy.

On your bike you can’t hang around in social media or mess with random office work. Traveling by bike helps you to keep focus. It’s like meditation, and totally different to travellng by car.

You can memorize the lyrics or the speaks when riding a bike.

Kilometers on the map are easy. Kilometers in real are not easy, but they are fun and worth it. Seven hours of riding, two hours of playing.

Kare’s violin. In action first time in fifteen years.

The set list, serious business.

Bemböle Kaffestuga – an obligatory stop for cyclists.


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