The biggest folk music festival in Finland is Kaustinen, no question. The whole music genre is there simultaneously. That means it is impossible to meet all friends, to play in all jam sessions, to listen to all intresting bands. Kaustinen is a festival of compromises.

We had good time and our biggest concert in Iholla hall was good. The acoustics makes it easy to play.

But the biggest happening was undoubtedly Antti Paalanen’s concert in Areena on a rainy night. One angry man with one loud accordeon made several hundred people dance like maniacs. We will soon edit some video material, it cannot be described in words.

After Kaustinen we have been riding south again, to Jyväskylä. Rain, thunder and too big roads, but also incredible hospitality that is possible only in the Finnish countryside.

At the moment we feel tired, mainly mentally. Lots of concerts, lots of media work, lots of learning. And lots of Finnish roads.



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