About staying in one place and doing nothing

Tomorrow will be our first day off in almost three weeks. We have ridden more than 1600 km. We have played (and talked…) more than 15 concerts. We have given interviews and updated social media more than we can remember.

It has been great, but we feel… well, not tired, but kind of thin. The human mind is built so that it can achieve the goal but no more. The last kilometres to Emilia’s parents’ house in Suolahti felt heavy. Tomorrow we will eat strawberries, do nothing and stay in one place more than one night. That’s what we have been dreaming of, even though all the places we have stayed one night have been great.

Today we played at Jyväskylän Kesä festival. First a nice, small summer cafe concert that was not too well organized by the festival, but the sunshine made it worth it. And then a short session at the city center for a big crowd.


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