New clothes, new pics

AJ Savolainen took some new promo pics. Emilia is wearing shirt and shorts from Tauko Design’s Radalla collection. And she will be wearing them in every gig this summer. They are the only ones she packed with her.

The greenish shirt is custom made of traditional Estonian folk textile. A nice mix of tradition, recycling and contemporary design.



Dressing up

Today Emilia had a meeting with the charming designers at Tauko. They make beautiful, practical and very Scandinavian clothes, and use recycled materials. They even ride bikes.

So, quite naturally, some kind of co-operation is brewing up. Well, we co-operated with Tauko quite a lot already for our wedding, but also next summer Emilia will be using Tauko Design. And Tauko will probably have a pop-up store at some of the gigs.